From traditional to imaginative portraiture, in studio or on location, I will work with you to capture your moments and make your most fantastical dream a reality.


I can take on any retouching projects you wish to send. From basic clean up to creative composites, I am dedicated to providing fast turn around service without having to compromise on quality.


Growing up during the Nineties, I spent a lot of my childhood with the wonders and magic of Disney. I am the youngest child of 3 with an age gap of 8 years, so in turn, I spent a lot of my days alone watching as many movies as I could. The peaks of my youth were filled with epic tales of adventure, from Pirates of the Caribbean to Harry Potter to Star Trek, throughout my years I grew up obsessed and enamored by the worlds and characters these movies brought to life. It is clearly a phase I never grew out of. 

I received my first camera as a gift from my parents at the young age of 10. At the time, I did not know how much that gift would set the course of my life. I grew up with photography as a minor hobby and only using it as a tool to capture memories and scenes, never thinking anything more of it than that. It was not until high school that I started to put together casual photoshoots with friends for fun. I started to self teach myself the basics of photoshop out of curiosity and experimented with the visuals of reality. During those times, I felt a spark in me and a creative flow that I have never felt before.  

As it came down to choosing a path for college, with a little help from my friends, I was nudged in the right direction. I gave up my ambitions and my family's expectations of me pursuing law and decided to go to art school. It was not until my sophomore year in college that I fused my love for photography with my love for all things fantasy and sci-fi. It was then that I realized that the creation of characters and other worlds was not only reserved for cinema, but for anyone with the imagination to do so.  

In the Spring of 2015, I graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Commercial Photography. After graduation, I started freelancing (assisting photographers and doing portrait sessions for half a year) till I landed a full time retouching job at Industry Art Works where I got the opportunity to work on film stills from major motion pictures and television series. I tirelessly worked my way up from a retoucher to a senior photo editor in a matter of 2 years learning as much as I could about the photo film industry along the way. Being so hands on with photo assets from new movies and tv shows, I felt like I found my niche. My two loves, film and photo combined into one. I then decided to re-pursue my freelancing career with my evolved ambitions of special shoot photography, film still photography, and creative retouching. 

I truly believe that we are a reflection of everything we love in this world. Some things we never quite grow out of, and nothing teaches you to follow your intuitions and your heart more than becoming an artist. I can only hope that my creations will inspire others to do the same as all my favorite movies have done for me. 


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