Art is moving, emotional, full of wonder and possibilities. Every craft is a tool for expression and artists are a conduit of translation and interpretation. By nature, photographers are observers; And if photography is the study of light, then portraiture must be the study of people. 

Storytelling, fabricating fantasies, and interpreting truths unfolded, captured and frozen in a millisecond of time. A visual representation of a singular moment that we will never experience again. This is what photography is to me.

My belief is that a portrait is not an embodiment of a person but rather one single aspect of their multitude. We show the world many different faces and can make anyone believe what we desire. Art allows us to alter reality, provide escapism, and build new worlds only limited by our imaginations. Regardless if you are playing a character or showing vulnerability and authenticity to the world, my belief is that photography can help you be whoever you wish. 

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